Thursday, June 16, 2011

Veteran Voices

Our campaign at ROYALSALUTE.CA has produced a new video, this one including a small sample of the hundreds of patriotic comments left by veterans at the petition site. Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Very well done!

    However, I personally don't care for the picture of Prince Charles.



The Petition moves along...

May 1: Laurie Hawn, M.P. agrees to support petition
April 30: Sent draft petition to The Dominion Institute to seek their sponsorship
April 28: Sent draft petition to Captain(N) Pickingford, Project Manager, Canadian Navy Centennial Project
April 27: Sent petition to Blaine Barker of the Royal Canadian Naval Association and Bob Nixon of the Naval Officer's Association of Canada and Peter Dawe, Executive Director of the RMC Club
April 26: The Monarchist League of Canada members are supportive
April 25: Interesting - even heated - debate over at the Navy, Army, Air Force Forum, where the "Yeas" have it by a two-thirds majority.