Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Election

Our campaign is, of course, not affiliated with any political party or other organization. We are veteran volunteers who want the government to simply and cheerfully revive the royal designations for Canada's Navy and Air Force, whichever government that happens to be.

We are thankful that the Senate of Canada proved this issue is not split along party lines. Indeed the upper chamber is united in replacing the 'sea element' of the Canadian Forces with a name that includes the word 'Navy'. Imagine that, the Senate giving its unanimous support on something. They, like us, prefer the nation has a navy, not a Canadian Forces 'sea element'.

Because an election has been called in Canada, and Parliament has been dissolved, our work at and here will be suspended until a new government has been established after May 2. We may still post here from time to time, but obviously we cannot lobby the government until after the election. Goodbye for now.


  1. Canada's military should have separate services the Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Canadian Air force and the Canadian Army. There is a lot of history in a name and I totally disagree with unification. The people of Canada should choose what they want their Military to be and not a bunch of penny pushing politicians. They have made our military a joke and something that is only important when needed. If other countries can have three separate proud services so can Canada with a trillion plus economy. So after 40 years it is time that what was lost after 1968 to a failed experiment is given back to the people of this country who have fought and died proudly for.

  2. As someone famously said: "Defence has little constituency in Canada." Since we apparently don't have an election campaign dealing with actual issues, it's too bad this one couldn't have snuck in there somewhere. But without that constituency that thinks about defence, it's impossible...

  3. The Conservatives now have their Majority.

    If there ever was a time for the return of the ROYAL title, it would be now!

  4. Indeed. Time to redouble the efforts. I say it's now or never.


The Petition moves along...

May 1: Laurie Hawn, M.P. agrees to support petition
April 30: Sent draft petition to The Dominion Institute to seek their sponsorship
April 28: Sent draft petition to Captain(N) Pickingford, Project Manager, Canadian Navy Centennial Project
April 27: Sent petition to Blaine Barker of the Royal Canadian Naval Association and Bob Nixon of the Naval Officer's Association of Canada and Peter Dawe, Executive Director of the RMC Club
April 26: The Monarchist League of Canada members are supportive
April 25: Interesting - even heated - debate over at the Navy, Army, Air Force Forum, where the "Yeas" have it by a two-thirds majority.