Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where is the campaign to rebrand Maritime Command as 'Canadian Navy'?

That was a rhetorical question - there is no campaign for 'Canadian Navy', and very few veterans would support that option over Royal Canadian Navy. Canadian Navy is something dreamt up by DND bureaucrats who decided - on their own - to dispense with the royal honour that was so deservedly earned by our navy of yore.

That in a nutshell, is the basic injustice in this whole exercise; a government department does not need to build its case, unlike the people and veterans who have to knock on doors to reclaim a piece of their lost heritage, to reclaim the navy's original, authentic, proud, noble and rightful indentity. The navy belongs to the nation, it belongs to the people, it belongs to our Sovereign in right of Canada. It does not belong to bureaucrats, nor does it belong to our admirals or sailors who serve to protect the sovereignty of Canada, even though the people have an obvious interest in ensuring that the morale and esprit-de-corps of our armed forces is maintained and maximized, and that they remain motivated to the greatest extent possible in the defence of our country.

If some people want to restrict the appellation to Canadian Navy - let them campaign for it!

They should be the ones doing the campaigning anyways, since they are the ones devising something entirely new, they are the ones deliberately disassociating the navy from its proud and honourable legacy - let them campaign in open like we are, not through the backdoor like they are doing.

That won't happen because the basic truth is that people are not passionate about Canadian Navy - it may be an improvement over Maritime Command - but it doesn't stir the blood like Royal Canadian Navy. Thousands of people across this country passionately want a return to RCN, which is why it is possible to have a populist campaign. There is no yearning for Canadian Navy because it does little to inspire, it does nothing to reconnect the country to its glorious past.

Yes, there is a very good reason why they are not campaigning for it.

They would lose.

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The Petition moves along...

May 1: Laurie Hawn, M.P. agrees to support petition
April 30: Sent draft petition to The Dominion Institute to seek their sponsorship
April 28: Sent draft petition to Captain(N) Pickingford, Project Manager, Canadian Navy Centennial Project
April 27: Sent petition to Blaine Barker of the Royal Canadian Naval Association and Bob Nixon of the Naval Officer's Association of Canada and Peter Dawe, Executive Director of the RMC Club
April 26: The Monarchist League of Canada members are supportive
April 25: Interesting - even heated - debate over at the Navy, Army, Air Force Forum, where the "Yeas" have it by a two-thirds majority.