Thursday, December 16, 2010

Exhortations from Senator Day

Concerned Canadians,

Thank you for your support to return the designation “Royal Canadian Navy” to Canada’s historic navy.

Tuesday night in the Senate, we came one step closer to this goal when the following motion was passed:

“That the Senate of Canada encourage the Minister of National Defence to change the official structural name of ‘Maritime Command’ to a new name that includes the word ‘Navy’.”

It is now up to the Minister of National Defence to give the order to return to the RCN. If this matter is important to you and if you have written me it surely is, please contact the Minister’s Office expressing your wishes:

Peter Mackay

I encourage you to recruit all the voices you can to let the Minister know that you wish Canada’s navy return to the name by which is was known for half a century: The Royal Canadian Navy.

Thank you again, and all the best to you and yours this holiday season,

Yours Truly,

Joseph A. Day

1 comment:

  1. We can certainly petition MacKay, but how do we disabuse him of the notion that the navy wants the title 'Canadian Navy' and not 'Royal Canadian Navy'?


The Petition moves along...

May 1: Laurie Hawn, M.P. agrees to support petition
April 30: Sent draft petition to The Dominion Institute to seek their sponsorship
April 28: Sent draft petition to Captain(N) Pickingford, Project Manager, Canadian Navy Centennial Project
April 27: Sent petition to Blaine Barker of the Royal Canadian Naval Association and Bob Nixon of the Naval Officer's Association of Canada and Peter Dawe, Executive Director of the RMC Club
April 26: The Monarchist League of Canada members are supportive
April 25: Interesting - even heated - debate over at the Navy, Army, Air Force Forum, where the "Yeas" have it by a two-thirds majority.