Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Royal Canadian Air Farce drops the 'Royal Canadian' to become just a Farce

THE CANADIAN COMEDY TROUPE that's been on the air off the air since 1973, has apparently decided to drop the 'Royal Canadian' from its corporate identity and go with just Air Farce Live. I have only three things to say about this turn of events:

First, they never had a royal charter to begin with, so it's not an insult to the Crown; second, Royal Canadian Air Force veterans will probably not be disappointed to see this play on words disappear, since intended or not they could not have appreciated the indirect insult this reflected on the proud record of the RCAF; and thirdly, despite the show's past popularity, they now no doubt believe they have a branding problem, when in fact the show's attempt at political and cultural satire has descended into rank mediocrity and with few exceptions is no longer funny. Methinks they are in a state of denial.

Still, for a nation that is becoming less and less cognisant of its status as a constitutional realm, the Royal Canadian Air Farce at least reminded us that this was so. The Crown exists, but it unfortunately does so outside the popular imagination.

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The Petition moves along...

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